Wednesday, January 07, 2009


I booked a hotel in Portland this week on hotwire and got such a good deal ($83 a night for The Nines) that I had to go see what was available in Seattle this weekend.

I use these two sites (BetterBidding and Bidding for Travel. This list is super helpful) so that I know what hotels I am probably getting when I use Hotwire**. So here's what I saw for this weekend:

Pan Pacific - $119 a night
Most likely the Vintage Park for $99 a night (it was hard to figure out exactly what this one was)

Someone should go stay at one of these hotels, especially if you are pregnant and won't get to do it again for a long time. Or haven't had a night away from your little one in a long time. ; )

**You can actually get hotels for even cheaper on Priceline if you don't care where you stay, but check those two sites I mentioned above for bidding strategies before you do it. It is super easy to get the lowest possible rate for a 4 star hotel. (Someone recently paid $80 for the Vintage Park thru Priceline)


Amy said...

Trying to tell us you're pregnant?

Kari said...

no way.

Amy said...

Awww, but you make such cute babies.