Friday, January 16, 2009


Tomorrow, we will have sun. Even if we have to drive a couple hours, we are going to make it happen. Let me know
1) if you have sun
2) if you want to meet for a playdate
3) if you are within 2 hours of us

(because it is super foggy here, but rumor has it that someplaces it is burning away to reveal sunshine. I just don't know exactly where those places are.)


Shauna said...

Does fog count for sun? If so, we've got it.

Is Kyle on a trip?

BrenV said...

Don't know if we'll have sun, we've been having the same fog as you, but you're always welcome to come here.

Jen said...

We were thinking of going to the Seattle Childrens Museum tomorrow?

Kari said...

seattle children's museum, 11am, we'll be there! Another friend is meeting me there too. fun...