Saturday, January 03, 2009

Christmas Pictures

Annika's new pet "Rody"

About an hour after breakfast, Annika returned to the table and spent quite a bit of time frosting the rest of our cinnamon rolls

Sampling her work.

Around lunch time we headed to my parent's house, barely getting our honda up the road to their house. Kyle had to put chains on and do quite a bit of shoveling.

More fun trying to get a cute picture of the kids together in their Christmas outfits.

Annika trying on her new clothing as well as Saben's new slippers and Daddy's new hat.

Annika's favorite gift of the day was Saben's slippers. She kept putting them on, and they finally ended up sharing them Gossie style.

We spent the night at my parents and then headed down to Kyle's parents house for another day/night. Apparently I got tired of taking pictures, because I don't have many good ones from their house except for this beautiful shot of my sister-in-law and my neice baking in her tummy. And her odd husband.
Annika meeting her cousin Hailey.

We finally returned home and Saben is here with his "big" gift from us - a toy rocket. He is also wearing his art apron & the slippers and is intently watching the rocket video we bought him.

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Shauna said...

Oh boy! The rocket you guys got him is way cooler than what we got him... hmmm..

great pics! I like the one of Annika meeting Hailey. :)