Saturday, December 06, 2008


Somehow, I ended up with a $5 roll of SEE THROUGH red wrapping paper from Target. Because the sign said $1.99 (it was in the wrong location) and there was no possible way to tell it was clear celophane stuff until you unrolled it.

And there was definitely no indication on the label, I read it five times once I realized the roll was completely worthless. What on earth do you do with clear wrapping paper? I suppose you could wrap a cookie plate, or some other non suprise item, but seriously....heads should roll over this.


Rebekah said...

ha ha - that totally stinks. The funny thing is that I have hunted for that colored see through stuff and it is impossible to find. :)

shawn said...

Oh Kari! I like your Christmas spirit! Heads certainly should roll.

Shiloah said...

You can always wrap gifts first with white paper, let the kids put stickers on it and then put the pretty red stuff over it. Just a thought. Jake always brings rolls of plan paper home from work so that is what we do.