Friday, December 12, 2008

leaving on a jet plane or rocket ship?

Saben: Mommy, will there be fire and smoke coming out of the airplane?
Mommy: No, not the one we are going on. Some have fire, but not ours
S: Daddy said there was fire and smoke!
M: Really, he said that about the one we're going on?
S: Yes, he said the plane would have fire and smoke.
M: I don't know why he said that
S: Maybe he's not very smart mommy. Maybe he didn't know.

update: According to Kyle, this appears to be a case of the early morning "uh huhs" where you start agreeing with what saben says/asks without quite listening to every word once he hits question number 20 at 7:30am.


Shauna said...

Great morning read!! lol

Jonathan said...

I had no idea "not very smart" was an option so early in their lives! I'm definitely worried.

Anonymous said...

where are you going on a jet plane? because I think we need to go to see another movie over christmas break! :)


TheFiveDays said...