Monday, December 08, 2008


Today, Annika ate a spoonful of salsa from Taco Lobo. Actually several spoonfuls and it was a mix of the hottest & medium one. She loved it and had it running down her chin. Interestingly, they were obviously tomato based and she generally does not like tomato sauces.

Both of my kids enjoy spicy foods. I just let them sample spicy things at around 1year of age and waited to see there reaction. Neither one has ever reacted adversely and Annika especially seems to love spice. She also enjoys the spicy pickled carrots at Taco Lobo & Casa Que Pasa.

When Saben was younger, I would buy him cheese quesadillas at Taco Bell and request "no creamy jalapeno sauce". He heard me saying that and started going "Mommy! I want the sauce" insistently enough that I finally let him try it. He has insisted on it ever since and Annika now eats it with no problems. In fact, it is the ONLY quesadilla either of them will eat.

For the record, I love spice and especially ever since I had annika, I crave it all the time. I especially craved it when I was nursing her for some reason and its never gone away, even now that she is weaned. Speaking of never going away, I also still have that line you get on your belly the last month or so of pregnancy. I can't believe its still there. Sorry, that was random.


AndiMae said...

I wish I could get Audrey and Elliot to like spicy foods like that. Go Annika!

P.S. That is so weird about your pregnancy mark- when are they supposed to go away?

P.P.S. I miss you! Let's talk soon!

Shauna said...

ah, i was wondering when the line will show up. Once in a while I check to see if it's on its way...nothing so far.

D said...

Aren't kids funny? Melia used to totally not mind spicy food, but now she is very anti-spice. Kiera, right now, doesn't mind at all. I actually had someone in the medical field tell me that their "spicy" taste doesn't develop until later, explaining Melia's quite sudden aversion to anything with a bite, even onions.

I'd be curious to see if anyone responds with a similar thought- it certainly made sense to me, although I haven't verified it yet.

BrenV said...

They have always eaten the quesidillas I make for them. Must be Papa and Grandma's special touch. :)

Jen said...

Evie loves spicey food also, but I am not sure she would by my child if she didn't.

Amy said...

Sounds like they are related to my mom. :) Course Lara has Jason's taste buds, she could live off toast and meat.

Kari said...

Amy - I always think of Deanna, especially now that I am crazy for spice too.

Andi - I have no idea, my line with Saben disappeared before I had Annika, but I don't remember when.

Shauna - it comes really late, so don't worry.

D - I read online and didn't see anything about not tasting spice anywhere. Interesting though. Saben will still gobble down raw garlic, so I wonder when their taste buds "wake up". Everything I read said that the kid's tastebuds are actually more sensitive than ours. beats me.

Mom - That's just ridiculous. I guess you need to teach me to make quesadillas. : )

D said...

Oh, and I never got that line. Funny, cause we are both on the "more fair" side!

Jenny said...

i never got the that because Wes was early or is that genetics?

btw, I totally loved spicy food when I was pregnant and was actually quite immune to it...eating things that others thought were too spicy without much discomfort.