Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Grateful: Day 4

Day three: Saben was thankful for Grandma & his new bedroom
Day four: Saben was thankful that I made him lunch.
(I tried to get him to think of more things and that is the only one he would say.)

Mommy is thankful for our warm house & new furnace, her adventurous crazy daughter and her devilish son who says really funny things.

Mom: "Saben, did you poop?"
Saben: "no"
Mom: "Did Annika? Do you smell her? I smell something"
Saben: "No mom. Maybe it is you. You stink sometimes too."


Matthew and Darcy said...

LOL!! That is awesome!! :) hehehee

Jen said...

I think I love your child! He says the best things!

TheFiveDays said...

That'll still have me laughing in the morning!!