Saturday, November 08, 2008

A few more things I'm thankful for

1. Treasury of Memories paper store - I've found a whole new side of me, dabbling in paper crafts! The store itself is so incredibly exciting & inspiring, it makes me want to make stuff. (and spend too much money)

2. A house that gets toasty warm in the winter every time it is sunny. The awesome part is that when the sun is higher in the sky during the summer, an eave keeps the sun out so it doesn't get too hot. Brilliant early 1920's architects!

3. Artichoke hearts from Trader Joes - they never used to be very good, but the last can I got are the best ever. So good, I can eat them all by themselves.

4. Annika & her teddy bear - she recently "attached" to her big white teddy bear and its been warming my heart all week watching her hug it.

5. Annika running to hide in our bedroom closet when I call her. I know, its naughty, but its so funny and she is giggling as she does it because she wants to hide & then come out & say "boo!"

6. Saben's art projects - today he drew two beach balls, colored them in with crayon, then carefully cut them out and was trying to glue the flat pieces together to make them a 3 dimensional ball. There was glue everywhere, but he is so intense and working so hard to figure it out, I love it.

7. Friendly people in stores. I love clerks who are chatty and friendly and don't just fake interest in you.

8. Our nice dry wall guy who does not act like a crack addict. He's been working on our bathroom all week and is so nice & normal. A neighborhood creepy guy had been hounding us for weeks to do the job and I really didn't like him. I was so glad we found this other company.

9. Organized toys - I worked for an hour Friday organizing the kids toys and it has been so nice. They are actually finding things to play with again!

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