Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Boot Camp Instructor (who also happens to be our pastor) trying to encourage us as we sweat our brains out during class: "

When I was in the Marines, we had to do this run on the beach once, and it was so difficult that only 6 of the 12 guys made it. I was running with one of the guys and suddenly he turns, pukes and then just kept on going. It was so awesome, I was so impressed, blah blah blah."

Kari (at the end of the particular thing we were doing):

"Once I knew this woman, she was in labor for 32 hours, and she just turned and puked and kept right on going. It was amazing."


Tiffany said...

Every time you post about your boot camp class, I have war-like flashbacks to my terrible kickboxing class experience. I wouldn't grunt and the instructor got all up in my face over it. scary. So, I'm very impressed by your diligence. Hopefully you are not puking.

Matthew and Darcy said...

LOL :) Thats great!