Friday, February 08, 2008


What have we been up to? Other than puking our brains out? Seriously, if you are in that lovely time of life where you only vomit say .... once every 5 years or so, count yourself lucky. If children are entering the picture anytime soon, you can pretty much count on barfing at least once a year, if not more. (right now we're at 4 times in less than 2 years)

This week we neared the ultimate, with 3 of us all sick at exactly the same time. (2am to be exact) Annika was woken up by the um... commotion, but easily placated by Baby Einstein until Mommy was able to get her back to sleep. She actually got it first, but was pretty much better before it hit the rest of us.

But we're better now and getting ready for a couple of mighty busy weeks. We've got a wedding to be in, flowers to arrange for the wedding and possibly, hopefully, a fun "spur of the moment" vacation to go on. (More on that later, once we've got all our reservations)

Lately we've also been....

Getting ready to crawl....

Doing lots of rainy day art projects.

The last two weekends we went up to the mountains to enjoy some snow. Here's instructions in case you live near Bellingham and want some snow fun of your own.

1) buy a sled for $12.99 at Yaegars. Make sure to buy about 10 ft of rope to tow it with. (loop it)

2) Drive up Mt. Baker Hwy. Stop for cheap gas in Deming, but pack a lunch because the sub shop there is under construction. Continue driving to Glacier. Across the street from the Italian restaurant, directly behind a store who's name I forgot, is a road. Turn onto it.

3) Drive till you reach 6" or more of snow (for us it was only like 1/2 mile) and park.

4) Walk up the road, pulling youngsters in sled. Stop for snowball fights. Be sure to initiate your potty trained son in the fine art of creating "Yellow Snow". Get him so excited about it that he starts telling strangers "Don't eat yellow snow!"

5) When you get tired, turn around and sled back down to the car. Unless you got a big kiddo, Daddy or mommy will want to sled with him.

6) Stop at an espresso stand for an 8oz hot chocolate. Be sure to beat the 4:30pm Baker rush.

7) Drive home & enjoy the peace & quiet while tired kids doze in the back.

Snow running


Snowballs! (or Snowchunks?)

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shawn said...

Thanks for the directions. I am a nerd, and don't love the drive up the mountain. I am pretty sure we'll slip over the edge and I'll kill everyone. But Milano's, we can do! Mmmm! (Pack a lunch? Are you crazy?) Thanks Kari, we're on it!