Friday, February 08, 2008

Mommy's Favorite Outfits

Annika has so many adorable outfits -especially dresses - to wear right now, I am dreading the day she outgrows everything. I hate putting clothes away that are too small, I always feel so nostalgic, especially when the 0-3mos stuff goes. But on the other hand I love pulling out all the new sized stuff and getting to wear things for the first time.

So if you see us out and about, and Annika is completely overdressed for the occaision, its because I am trying to squeeze every last day out of her gorgeous little dresses. Here's a few favorites I've managed to get pictures of, but there are plenty more to come:

Brown dress from Auntie Shauna (there's better pics, but this one amuses me. Artistically, the contrast of hairy arms with a dainty dress really says something...about something.)

Technically she's outgrown this one, but I squeezed her into it one last time to get a photo. It was from Jon & Vicky. Not the bow though, mommy just thought she should have one bow picture since they never stay on more than a couple minutes.

Mommy picked out this dress last summer when she was pregnant and it is still my favorite ever. I was hoping it would fit for easter....

More from photo shoot "White Balloon, Green Dress". I think she has this modeling thing nailed.

(I know what you're thinking....what mommy blogger doesn't think their daughter should be a model. But come on, look at that pout and the delicate way she's holding the balloon. Natural talent, you can't fake that.)


vicky said...

She's gorgeous Kari. Serious model material. I also love all the dresses although now Lila gets food on everything so she's wears them less.

amy said...

What happened to only wearing hand me downs and stuff from goodwill?

Jen said...

A natural model!!