Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Smiles and the things annika loves at 9 weeks old:

  • Annika smiled at 6 weeks almost exactly and just started giving huge grins at 8 1/2 wks. (I count the first smiles when I can see it in her eyes. Gas smiles don't go to the eyes)

  • Her first smiles were all induced by standing. Everytime you hold annika up to stand her eyes light up and she gets so excited.
  • Annika loves to watch my mouth as I sing. Singing to sleep doesn't help her out much, but if she's alert, she really enjoys it.
  • Annika does not like her bouncy seat, play gym or swing yet. Sigh. She usually seems scared/overwhelmed by most toys or things dangling in her face.
  • Annika loves any sort of baby massage, even though I'm just winging it. We also do some mouth stimulation therapy to help with her nursing and she loves it, even though my finger is poking and brush all over her mouth.
  • Annika already enjoys Saben's favorite book as an infant "I Kissed the Baby"
  • Annika loves the baby bjorn and on "bad nap days" it is the only place I can get her to sleep

Stupid bullet formatter.

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