Friday, September 21, 2007

bodily functions

I do not kid you, every morning, the very instant I pour milk onto my cereal and sit down to drink my coffee, this is what I hear:
"Mommy, I pooped"

It is so appetizing to change a diaper right before you eat, and soggy cereal is just a special bonus.

I realize that I have also forgotten to mention a habit of Saben's that has been around for quite some time - handing people the green treats he finds up his nose. "Mommy, I have a booger!" as he thrusts his finger in your face.

The best was when we were sitting next to the bride (Kyle's cousin) at a shower and he actually managed to get one out without me noticing and then offered it to her while everyone was watching her open gifts. "I have a booger!"

1 comment:

shawn said...

Boogers at bridal showers are totally appropriate. And, maybe try toast? :)