Friday, June 01, 2007

Favorite photo ever

Playing in the meadow during our trip to Portland

Baby Sister

Family at Ski to Sea

Ladybugs in the garden

Visiting Daddy at the shop


shawn said...

Great photos, Kari! You shuld scrapbook! Your tummy is looking so cute. How are you feeling other than tired?

shawn said...

I 'shuld' proofread. Duh.

vicky said...

Very cute photos. Saben is so adorable. And I like your belly button! :)

Jenny said...

wow, he's so cute..and you can tell he's full of personality. What an adorable family you have.

So glad you posted a bell shot!

I thought of you this weekend as I planted my herb garden. Intersted in doing a little pre-baby weeding?

Jenny said...

I meant belly shot..maybe I shuld proofread. ;)