Saturday, June 23, 2007

Baby Confusion

Saben sitting on the couch by himself saying "The baby is kicking in my tummy. Right there! There it is, kicking in my tummy....There's the foot!"

Saben points to his or my belly button "Baby is right there!"

Mommy just read a story about baby Jesus being born and asks "Saben, do you know who Jesus is?" Saben points to lower chest and says "He's right there"
Mommy gasps, so impressed that somehow her son knows Jesus lives in our hearts. She tells Daddy at dinner and Daddy gets Saben to do it again except this time he points more towards his tummy. Suddenly it dawns on her that they had been reading about BABY Jesus and he thinks he has baby jesus in his tummy.

Mommy to Daddy "How about Savannah for a name?"
Saben "No! How about Saben."
Repeat every time one of us suggests a name.

Mommy "Mommy is going to get lots of clothes and presents for your baby sister today Saben"
Saben "No, presents for my pee pee"

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