Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Words - 20 months

Shape sorters are a thing of the past. While Saben still occaisionally indulges in a few minutes of sorting, his new passion is learning words. This is expressed mainly through books. Lots and lots of books. There are always 25-30 books piled on the couch by the time Kyle gets home. We must have 30-40 books, but I still yearn for new ones because I get so sick of the same ones all the time.

For the record, here are some of the word groups Saben loves right now:

1) He has learned all his colors and is about 90% accurate in telling you what color you are wearing.

2) He is maybe 40% accurate on his numbers - when he looks at them, he can name them, especially 6 and 8. I don't know how much he comprehends what they mean, I can't say "how many?" just "what is that number?" He is really into them right now and I think he'll have 1-10 memorized in a couple weeks.

3) He has uttered a few sentences, mostly mimics like "I'll get it." I don't think he quite knows what they mean. But his first real phrases are stringing together possessives "Saben Hat" and once he said "Saben Red Shirt". He'll use them as commands too "mummy ball" means that he wants daddy to give mommy the ball.

4) Saben has known his shapes for a couple months, although he doesn't say "rectangle".

5) He knows a lot of animals, but isn't really into animal noises at all. If he does say the noise, then that is what he calls the animal. Owls - Who who, but he never says "owl". Same with pigs, he calls them "oin oink"

6) He gets really excited by train whistles & airplanes/helicopters overhead. He says "eli-copter" when he hears one and knows pretty much all of his modes of transportation, including "hummer." We just love hummers, so we made sure to teach him that word.*

7) We need to work on adjectives, the only ones he knows are hot, cold, warm and heavy.

8) He says lots of names, but mangles some. He can't say "kelley" at all and calls her "too- joo" (or "Tous Jour" if like me, you enjoy pretending he's speaking some french)

I think that's everything, mostly the stuff I wanted to record and remember. You know, so once we have a second kid, I can totally compare them. ha ha ha. ha.

*Not really, it was thanks to a book.


Andi said...

I am always so impressed with Saben's vocabulary- maybe some of it will rub off on Audrey. He already taught her "oval", not purposely, of course. But the last couple of days, I've been hearing her say it a ton, although it comes out sounding more like "volvo" :)

And I love the snow pictures- especially the snow angel!

amy said...

saben loves books?! i wonder what kyle has to say about that?! i'm sure that must make his so proud. yay for saben! you'd better start teaching him to say amy so he can charm me next time i see him. :)

Jenny said...

These are too cute! I'm glad you have them recorded. I'm sure Saben will love reading this when he's older. Or is that just a girl thing? I wish blogs were around when I was a kid. I think I was REALLY cute!

So is Saben ;)

I'm also impressed by his vocabulary. He's only a year and a half right? Maybe just a little older?