Wednesday, September 06, 2006


The father in the family who just rented the house across the street from ours likes to do yoga. I am sure you can imagine my amused delight when he chose to do it in his front yard rather than in the solitude of his new home. The whole world (including traffic on our not so quiet street) gets to relax with him while he performs downward facing dog, bum pointed directly at our dining room window.

The renters behind our house also enjoy their front yard. However, they prefer to get high & then hang out for hours, throwing machetes & throwing stars at a chunk of wood. Apparently their toilet doesn't work so well, instead they go on the wheel of the truck they have parked out front. Since they rarely bug us and are actually quite friendly, we prefer to politely overlook the people going in & out of their house all day for short five minute visits. But we do affectionately refer to them as "the drug dealers".

To the left of our house is a sweet nice lady with an old gray muzzled dog and two cats that like to use my garden as a litter box. She is easy to get along with and we chat occaisionally. Six months ago she drove through our yard and my beloved garden, before hurtling down the street & crashing into 7 cars in the busy intersection down the road. Apparently she passed out behind the wheel after taking some prescription meds.

You think Seattle has character? Try moving to Bellingham!


Vale said...

I love this post. I know that moving to Bellingham wasn't as welcoming originally as you might have hoped but I suppose it all works out in the end; at least for a great blog post! Keep the humor and fun anecdotes coming.

andi said...

This is hilarious, Kari! Even though I think I have heard all of these stories before, it is so fun to read them :)