Wednesday, October 13, 2010

No more dirty diapers

It is quite possible that I have put the very last diaper on my children. Last night, after weeks of sleeping "dry" in his pull-up, saben slept in underwear for the first time. Annika was dry almost immediately after potty training and has slept in underwear with no accidents for months.

This morning I contemplated moving the diaper pail out of their room and realized I had no remorse or sadness attached to that...unlike every other baby thing we've slowly gotten rid of this year.

For the last 4 months I've felt a sick pit in my stomach everytime I think about the infant things I got rid of in April. Probably one of the hardest "goodbyes" I've ever done and I deeply regretted just sending them off to a garage sale for weeks. (I love it when friends/family takes stuff, hate turning it over to strangers)

I just realized today that I am finally uh...healed...and can think about it somewhat unemotionally again. I remember when our suburban was loaded up, I felt like the last five years of my life were in there and I was getting rid of it all. It was Kyle's birthday present to clean out the attic of all that stuff and he will never know that it was probably the most emotionally traumatizing gift I ever gave him. (definitely more traumatizing than the xbox I got him for christmas)

Thankfully getting rid of the diaper pail will be much easier. Other than the guilt of sticking a huge piece of plastic into the landfill.


Jenny said...

better not let kyle read your blog, otherwise he'll find out how traumatized you were ;)

i can't imagine what it will be like when that day comes in this house...i was getting all sad yesterday just thinking about the fact that Wes will be 2 next month. i wish i could time travel and relive some of my favorite just aren't enough!

hooray for Saben and dry diapers!!

Elizabeth said...

just have another baby, that will heal you right up.