Friday, October 15, 2010

Cross Country team 2020

Yesterday, Saben had a Jog-a-thon at his school as a PTA fundraiser. Parents were invited to stay and cheer the kids on as they ran and since his class was running right when they got to school, I decided to stay with Annika.

We went outside and the "race" began - two kindergarten classes and a couple first grade ones as well. The kids were so excited and of course all took off sprinting and cutting corners at the beginning, even though they had to run for 30 straight minutes. It was super fun to see their excitement, cheer, clap and they even had music playing loudly like it was all a big party.

Saben ran one lap pretty fast, then sped by us on his second lap. By his third lap he had slowed a bit, I figured he'd get exhausted and be walking in another lap or two. But no....he kept going. And going. I couldn't believe it. Every time he passed we cheered him on and even ran with him a couple times.

He basically ran for almost 30 minutes straight and got the most laps of any kid in his class. Occasionally he would walk for 1/4 of a lap and each time he got a rubber band to count his laps he slowed down to a walk for a few seconds. I was so proud of his determination and completely shocked by his endurance!

I decided the course was about 200m, maybe a tad less and he did 28 laps. So...aprox 1 and 3/4 miles is probably about what he ran.

At the end of the time he was so completely exhausted, he just sat down, wrapped his arms around me and said "I want to go home and take a nap mom". I ran and got him a couple orange wedges immediately and that started to perk him up. By then we really needed to leave - we were running late for Annika's preschool. Of course right at that moment they pull out popsicles for all the kids and Annika starts screaming "POPSICLE!!!!" We fled through the school with her screaming. so fun.

Seriously though, that race made my day, I just couldn't get over how well he did and how earnest he was about the whole thing. So proud of my boy.


Shauna said...

That's awesome!! I would have been screaming "run Saben, run!!!"

BrenV said...

I guess that means that Grandma owes $28 to the school! Good job, Saben!

Sandy Young said...

What a guy!! Tell Saben that Grandma and Grandpa Young are VERY proud of him! Who would have thought??