Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Blue House

It has come to my attention that our house has officially won the title of "best house being painted blue right now in our neighborhood" as judged by the guys who work at our neighborhood market.

Yes, you heard right, there are currently THREE houses being painted blue in our neighborhood. The competition was fierce, so first, lets take a look at the runners-up. First there is this beauty, which artfully mingles purple, light blue and blue with seeming random abandon.

Next up is what I like to call "smurf house on steroids". Some have argued our house could also be in the running for "smurf house of the year", but those people seem to have forgotten how turquoise a smurf is. This house immediately catches your eye as you drive up the street and elegantly captures the simple theme of "let's paint everything blue!"

Last but not least, our humble entry, which is still quite blue...but makes me happy everytime I drive up to it and will look amazing when I get some fall leaves planted up near it.

And yes, they are still working on it...I think this is the fourth week of work, although they had some days off here & there.


D said...

LOL, that's pretty funny. I agree though, yours is the best :-)

~beautyandjoy~ said...

I want to see your doors! It looks beautiful!

Elizabeth said...

it does look beautiful, WAY better than the other two. your post cracked me up though. hilarious.