Monday, November 09, 2009

Annika loves....

Annika loves...

  • Sleeping with toys in her bed
  • bringing her umbrella with us everywhere she goes
  • picking out what coat to wear when we go out
  • princesses
  • Bananas, yogurt, cornbread, cheeses (cheddar, parmesan, feta...), beans & crackers
  • watching super-why & blues clues on tv
  • riding on Saben's old glider bike, especially when we push it for her, but does it herself too
  • harrassing her brother for attention
  • playing any sort of game with saben & copying what he does (she calls him "sah-bah")
  • jumping off the couch arm onto a pile of cushions
  • balloons
  • reading her princess book
  • drawing circles, especially with markers
  • getting out lots and lots of paper to draw on, a few marks on each piece
  • stickers
  • being tickled
  • playing hide and go seek
  • making us do what she wants us to do
  • sliding and swinging
  • splashing in mud puddles
  • "playing" hi-ho cherrio
  • her daddy
  • sitting next to us during story time, rather than cuddled in our lap
  • sitting in our laps most other times
  • singing twinkle twinkle little store and demanding us to sing certain songs (and not sing others)

Things that scare Annika...

  • When we let go of balloons and they fly around the house
  • WIND. Its November and she is still clinging, crying and even screaming whenever it is gusty outside.
  • bugs, especially bees
  • men, except for ones she knows very well.

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Tiffany said...

I love this post! I have several pieces of clothing that I got really attached to while pregnant. I don't have a special item yet now that I'm "normal" again. There is nothing like a piece of clothing that was well worth the money because it makes you happy day after day after day.