Friday, July 18, 2008


In the last two weeks, Saben has tried and decided he likes peas & cucumbers. He only eats a few bites of each, but they are the first veggies he's eaten in over a year. (except for avocado) He has really been open to touching his tongue to things lately to try them. Once he's "tasted it" its up to him whether or not he tries biting it. Such a relief and we're praying he's starting to outgrow the ultra-picky phase.

He's also been gagging & spitting things out lately, especially new things or things he doesn't think he likes. He keeps eating, but says the item got "stuck in my throat" and spits it out before taking another bite. This is new too. hmmm....

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TheFiveDays said...

Fantastic!!! What a relief this must be for you. WOOOOOHOOOOO!!!! Bring on the cucumbers & peas!!