Monday, April 23, 2007

Spring Cleaning

"There are few rites of spring more satisfying than the annual clean."
~Martha Stewart

Oh Martha. And seriously? Pink rooms? The May 2007 cover, in case you missed it features a room with pink walls, pink trim, pink fireplace mantle, pink mirror and a pink chair all in the exact same shade. I just don't think painting and entire room pink is going to do it for me. Maybe I am getting old and behind in the trends, but ugh.

Between my new garden and 2nd trimester nesting instincts, I've been keeping very busy and even flirted with spring cleaning. However, the glowing colors of the spring garden have been more satisfying than the cleaning, probably because I didn't quite complete the 200 things to clean on Martha's list. The tops of my doors are indeed still dusty. But I did take a trip to the dump, scrubbed the stove, mopped the whole house and even cleaned/rebuilt our BBQ. I feel like I am exhausted every night, but its nice to be busy/energetic and I can't wait for my plant shopping trip this weekend in Seattle with Kelley.

Saben has been busy too, did I mention he took his temper tantrums to a whole new level exactly a week after he turned two? He threw a big one at a plant nursery and he was kicking and screaming as I held him and it actually made me laugh because it was so new and funny. The sales lady who was helping us didn't think it was quite as funny. He also loves to...
  • Shout no and run away when he doesn't want to do something
  • Carry keys, pennies, or something he's attached to that day everywhere with him.
  • Say "Train coming down the track, clickety clack" every time he hears a train whistle (its from a book)
  • Sing "ring around the rosie" and other songs. "ALL FALL DOWN!"
  • Talk in his growly voice when he wants something (aka demon voice)
  • Cry whenever anything is put away, even if he is done with it. Especially meal items he hasn't finished and has no intention of finishing.
  • Sit at his new little table or in big chairs. We don't even bother trying to get him into highchairs anymore.
  • Seeing his grownup friends, relatives and grandparents. If we tell him we're seeing someone in the evening, he talks about it all day and is in a great mood.
  • His Daddy. Lately he's been very attached to Daddy time and had the best time ever spending the day with just daddy this last Saturday. When I finally got home & kyle wanted to leave, Saben cried and cried and cried till kyle gave up and stayed with us.
  • His new haircut! Yes, we finally cut his hair for the first time ever last Tuesday night. It looked so different, it definitely took some getting used to, but I love it. He cried the whole time & I held his head still while Daddy cut it, but since he got a treat at the end he has started asking for haircuts all the time now.

I could go on and on, but its time to watch some Seinfeld and go to bed.


Shauna said...

Please post pictures of his new haircut! :D

Jenny said...

you mean you didn't give him a mullet intentionally? it just grew that way? I was nearly certain it was Kyle's idea.

Yes, photos please!