Monday, April 09, 2007

Saben's 2nd Bday

Behind yet again...

Saben's birthday was a success, his favorite part was having everyone he knows all together. Its funny because I was worried about having such a big party with so many grownups, but I think he loved the attention and seeing all his grandparents, great grandparents, Aunts & Uncles, etc. Each time someone arrived he would give a delighted squeal and run to the door to open it for them. Very cute.

For games, I bought an $8 bubble machine at target, which we ran inside since it was pouring rain that day. Saben, Audrey & Linus loved it and the adults were amused as well. (After all, it does shoot "up to 10,000 bubbles in minutes!" and features "Turbo Bubble Technology")

Then we played a game my mom said we played at my 3rd birthday - find the peanuts. It was perfect for this age, we just laid peanuts (in the shell) all over the house and gave the kids bags to go find them. Sort of like easter egg hunt practice. I was so worried they weren't going to want to do it, but they all got to "work", looking more determined than playful, but seemed to enjoy the task. Saben did figure out how salty the shells were and managed to chew one whole before we caught it. And he loved trying to shell the peanuts.

Presents were completely overwhelming for him yet again, I ended up opening most of them, but he loved playing with everything like the tunnels/tent set from my parents, the wheelbarrow gardening set from Menards, the hardhat & beads from Audrey....I could list every gift but that might get a bit dull right? And of course Mommy loved all the cute new clothes.

My Dads mom came to visit from Texas for a few days before & after the party and we had a lot of fun catching up with her. Saben is still talking about "Great Grandma" all the time, especially since my mom's parents were also at the birthday party. Great Grandma Voelker also gave him a little book she wrote for Christmas about Bobo the penguin and its been one of his favorites lately. (Along with the Carrot Seed from Todd and Betsy. Actally I don't know the title, but that's what he calls it. And don't worry Shauna, the "Ant on Tracks" book was his favorite till he got all the new Bday books. Kyle's favorite is Gossie.)

Pictures coming soon!

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