Tuesday, April 10, 2007


We spent Easter weekend in Seattle visiting a few friends we hadn't seen in a long time. Saturday afternoon, we drove down and Kyle and I both got to do what we miss most about Seattle - Kyle went dirt jumping at Greenlake and I got to visit Swansons Nursery for inspiration and to find exciting unusual plants.

Saben got to watch his Daddy jump on his bike for one of the first times ever. He really preferred riding like this to watching, while mommy closed her eyes and daddy rode gently over all the jumps. We went to dinner and spent the night with our old neighbors then headed to our old church and got to see more friends and all their cute new babies. Finally it was off to my brother & sister in laws new house where they were hosting the family for Easter dinner.

Saben loved the easter egg hunt, especially since he was the only participant.

Prego at Easter

Then it was candy time....

...and sugar high time. This is the part where Saben spun around on his bum on the floor for a while, right before he shouted "come out" for about 30 minutes from his crib where he was supposed to be napping.

Todd & Betsy made a wonderful meal and we headed home stuffed with saben finally napping in the car.


shawn said...

Did you bring home anything from the nursery? (Um, the PLANT nursery, not the church nursery). I have a few things here for you. Do you like grasses? And the lady's mantle, and some purple lineria if you want it. Let me know :)

Kari said...

Um...of course! I love swansons because a) they have unusual stuff b) they put together displays that give you tons of ideas and c) they'll let you return almost any plant that has died.

So I lost an agapanthus & a hardy bannana this winter and brought them back so I got to pick out new things. I got a Rheum (ornamental Rhubarb), a double wood anenome (Anemone nemorosa `Flore Pleno'), some fragrant creeping phlox (phlox stolonifera) and some tiny daisies that look like the wild ones that grow in lawns sometimes, but prettier.

See how excited I am and how boring that was for most people? That's why I didn't mention what I bought. : )

I love grasses...what kinds do you have? I'll have to think about the Linaria, I had it at my last house & I liked it but always had to weed out the seedlings each year. And I love Lady's mantle as I said before. Do you have any Lamb's Ear???

shawn said...

I need to look up a couple of the things you bought, it sounds beautiful! I don't have any lamb's ear. I think it's funny that people will always tell you how poisonous it is to children. Seriously, I have enough trouble getting my kids to eat spaghetti, why would they eat plants? My linaria is spreading a lot, that's why I have it to offer. :) Apparently it thrives in poorly drained, slug infested, weed pervasive soils. Lucky for me! I was in a car accident two years ago that left me with back issues, so my gardens have been severely neglected. But this year I am feeling better, so I have alot of work ahead of me! If you are interested in some really good cast-offs, my "mom" is a master gardener, and gives away cheerfully. Check my blog for the photos at her house. She kindly reminds me every year that her gardens didn't look that way until years after she had small children. Maybe I should have sent an email. Silly.