Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Bad Bad Blue Fin Sushi

I just had the worst restaurant experience ever. Please, if you live in Bellingham, don't ever go to Blue Fin Sushi on Samish way. We were eating with Saben & a five year old, so you know when you try to dine with kids that slow service is a complete nightmare. Most waitresses realize this as well. But not all....read on.

1. I order Ebi & seared tuna on the $1 happy hour special to go with my tempura roll, my friend is having a hard time deciding, so asks the waitress to come back.

2. Waitress never comes back to take my friend's order, 15 minutes later, my friend has to go find her in the back somewhere to place her order.

3. Waitress gives me raw tuna instead of seared, but I eat it anyways because it took so long I didn't want to wait any longer

4. Waitress forgets our miso soup

5. My friend's food arrives 25 minutes after my food, 35 minutes she chased down the waitress to actually get it ordered. In a restaurant that has five tables of couples which apparently completely overwhelmed the staff.

5. I get the bill and instead of ordering me the $1 sushi special, she put in two orders for each one. I tell her I only wanted one $1 piece and she gets all huffy and tells me I shouldn't have eaten it. Except there was no possible way for me to know that the $1 special came with just one piece of sushi! I just said "I'll take the $1 special for the ebi & tuna". How does that then cost me $2 each???

6. As she walks away I say "this is ridiculous, I am never coming back here again"

7. The waitress comes back and tells ME that I am being rude and disrespectful. If I don't want to eat there, that is my decision, but no need to tell her that.

8. I then point out how long our food took and she says "well you're the one who brought your kids and that's why we give you salad & miso."

9. We leave and for the first time in my life I leave no tip.

Sorry if this is boring, but I was so irrate, I had to vent.


misha said...

NO WAY! No way!! That is unbelievable.

I have heard alot of bad ones but that one is a shocker. You know the BHerald has a place where you can write in restaraunt critiqes and there is also an independently owned web-site locally where you can blast or compliment local businesses.

Holy Freaking Cow.

andi said...

That is awful! You should definitely post this on your other blog!

Vale said...

1. Not boring
2. I love venting
3. I can totally picture it
4. She definately didn't deserve a tip!
5. Sorry about your bad experience.