Monday, October 30, 2006

My son is amusing me to no end lately. His newest trick is cleaning things up. He loves wiping up spills w/ napkins or towels. I would love to make out with whoever invented the locks on the ice/water dispensers on refrigerators. Saben has figured out how to get them to work now and without the locking mechanism I am sure the kitchen would be flooded... or all my towels would be sopping wet as he made spills just for the sheer joy of cleaning them up again. Sometimes we forget to lock it and it was very satisfying today (in an evil sort of way) when he hit the water button and it managed to nail him right in the face. heh heh heh.

Along the same lines, he is now enamoured with drinking from cups with no lid. The drinking part is great, he has mastered it. Unfortunately as soon as he finishes drinking he just goes back to his business, forgetting he is holding a cup of messy liquid. The cup gets tilted and invariably spills on him, on the floor, on me.... But then Saben gets to clean it up! Hurray! The fun never ends around here.

This weekend Kyle took our back stairs out & began rebuilding them. So now we have no stairs, no grass, no plants & no patio in our backyard. It is so beautiful. Anyways, the more entertaining part is that today he came home & didn't have keys to any doors except the back door. (with no stairs) He had to crawl in the dog door which is 4.5 feet off the ground. I was so sorry to miss that.

Speaking of sorry to miss that.... that was a segway attempt since this post is about as smooth and graceful as a young girl trying to ride her training wheel bike down a bumpy trail and stopping to pick up every leaf she passes. sigh. can you see why I haven't been writing much lately?

One last shout out to some wonderful friends (you know who you are) who watched Saben for us Saturday night so that we could go to an actual PARTY. With ADULTS. And stay out incredibly late. (well midnight....) We had so much I've said before, not getting to go out with friends & do fun stuff like that is one of the harder parts of mommyhood for me, so I am deleriously appreciative of our poor friends who fell asleep on the couch waiting for us to return from our adventures. THANK YOU!!!!


heh said...

little girl. bumpy trail. leaves. headlong hurtles towards freezing lake from A)being flipped off your skidding out of control bike, B)falling off the massive log that needed to be climbed bare-foot in October because now you'll be sorry and C)because the fish needed to be fed leaves reeealllly close up so the rocky ledge needed to be slid down, never mind when the skidding stopped.

Where-ever did you get your analogy?

Anonymous said...

I love all your random comments. And YOU ARE WELCOME. I know that when I have kids (a long, long time in the future to come) that I'll want to have friends like me! Just kidding, I'll need to have moments like you did with adult conversation and adult party! We are favor traders anyway and I love it. By the way, what are you doing on Friday? Just kidding. Have a great night.