Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Potty Trained

I'd like to thank the following people for their help in potty training Annika:

First, Saben - once he exhibited how to go in the little mini potty, she went for the first time in it. He has continually encouraged and begged her to go, so that he could get a treat along with her whenever she was successful. Really, he's been awesome through this whole thing and really really sweet to help her.

Second, Riley - Really, I credit Riley and Saben almost entirely with Annika's potty training success. Breakthroughs 2-5 were all times when she and Riley spent time on the potty (potties) together. Riley's love of going in the pot made it seem much more fun for Annika.

I also must thank Kevin Menard, who was stuck for probably a good 30 minutes babysitting last week, with two little girls who wanted nothing more than to run around with no pants jumping on & off the potty. Especially thankful because when he heard Riley was going in the toilet, he looked aprehensive and asked "what exactly do I have to do with her?" and when he heard she liked to be left alone to go, he was seriously relieved. So much for that, it was a potty party in there. I like to think our girls definitely broke him in.

Grandmas also enouraged her with success and finally, the lure of ice cream was the true winner yesterday when she went "dry" all day to earn a trip to Mallards.

So far today we are also dry all day and even had a number 2 in the toilet. AWESOME.

Basically, I think Annika figured out how to do it a long time ago, but was reluctant, nervous to really go for it. She hates having accidents in her underwear and I think that is what tramatized her. Going cold turkey to let her "learn" from her accidents did not work, she just got scared. Bribing with candy & treats definitely did work, we'll see how hard it is to wean her off that.

She actually is still wearing pull ups and has no desire to put underwear on unless Riley is here wearing hers. (or if she gets to wear Riley's underwear. Seriously.) Encouragement from Saben and also having fun doing it with Riley were definitely turning points for her.

Hurray Annika! We are so proud of you!


Elizabeth said...

way to go annika! now if you can just teach riley how to go #2 in the potty, it will be a huge success all around!

Shauna said...

Yay for pooping!! :)