Monday, April 19, 2010

the dirt slide

So tonite Elizabeth came over for dinner, with her daughter, Annika's best friend Riley. Probably half my blog is going to be devoted to the shenanigans of these two, every time they are together, they are so funny and ridiculous. Both our husbands have been out of town for days and we had that "single parenting" phenomena of being both completely exhausted - but also anxious for we planned to chat and enjoy thai takeout.

First of all, dinner wasn't exactly peaceful, it seemed like the kids constantly were needing things. Finally the girls decided to go outside and we got some (sort of) peace & quiet to finish our dinner. Luckily I saw Annika through the window right before she jumped into the water filled sandbox with her new dressy sandals on. We told them to stay out and watched from the window. They disappeared and suddenly I heard voices coming from our side yard. UH Oh.

Sure enough both girls were already dirty from playing in this big hole that roxy likes to dig in the dry dirt under our eaves. We took off their clothes, shrugged and then sat down on the back porch to chat while they did their worst. I have this vague memory of one of the kids dragging the slide by, but it didn't really click what they were doing.

Then I heard Annika laughing uproarously and knew we were in big trouble. She only laughs that hard when she's doing something naughty or at least making a huge mess. I thought to myself "what on earth could they possibly do that is worse than us letting them play in a huge dirt pile?"

Suddenly both girls ran back out, completely naked. Ah Ha. Awesome. We went to see what they were doing and it went something like this: Girls go down the slide buck naked, into the dirt hole while saben throws dirt up in the air onto their heads pretending it is an explosion. All the kids had piles of dirt in their hair and were covered head to toe. (literally, although Saben had kept his clothes on)

So we threw them in the tub, showered them off first and it was streams of mud. We filled the tub, but by the time I'd rinsed their heads it was completely dirty. Next thing you know, annika makes up this game where she lick's riley's mouth. "Riley! I lick you!" I HAVE NO IDEA. I just know my daughter kept lunging at her, tongue first and there was more of her uproarous laugther and I had tears I was laughing so hard. Somehow the fact that they were sitting in absolutely FILTHY water made it even funnier.

Finally I drained the tub, refilled it, washed everyone and we called it a night. Phew. I kept thinking I should grab my camera, but really, it wouldn't do it justice.


Kristen said...

you are such a great writer, kari, and this post is awesome. love those crazy girls (and their awesome mamas)!

Elizabeth said...

oh my goodness, i'm laughing so hard. it's even funnier the second time around. i had no idea you saw that slide go by! i was completely oblivious.