Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Things have calmed down this week. Annika no longer cries when she pees, but still immediately asks to be changed. She keeps having "phantom poo" - she claims she's poo'd, but alas, there is but an empty diaper. We have asked over and over if it hurts when she pees and she keeps saying no...but I have seriously considered taking her to the doctor anyways, just because things have been so odd.

For now, we are praising each an every bowel movement and not pushing potty training at all. It seems to be working, if by "working" you mean returning back to normal. We will return to the "potty training" story in approximately 4-5 months, so for now you are off the hook. Unless Annika initiates it sooner....

The funniest thing happened to me today. I was standing at the park with two other moms when this little girl I've never seen before (4? 5?) comes up and taps my leg to get my attention. I look down and she solemnly informs me "I have a bladder infection". I have never worked harder to stifle laughter in my life. I couldn't even respond for about 30 seconds. Thank goodness the other moms didn't actually hear what she said, because I would have definitely laughed in her face if they had started giggling.

"oh, that's too bad" I managed to say. "Did the doctor give you medicine for it?" The girl never even cracked a smile. She nodded seriously and explained something about the pills she was taking and then walked off. I felt lightheaded from laughter containment.

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