Sunday, January 31, 2010

random tidbits

Annika's Yogurt

Annika loves going grocery shopping with me because I usually let her get one small yoplait yogurt with sugar instead of our normal unsweetened plain kind. Unfortunately she's gotten so accustomed to it, she will go around the entire store yelling, even shrieking, "YOGURT!! YOGURT MOMMY!" If she is very naughty about it, we don't buy one, or sometimes she doesn't get to eat it. And sometimes, she actually forgets about it by the time we get home.

Annika also loves having yogurt, granola and milk for breakfast. That's yogurt at the bottom of the bowl, topped with granola, and then filled with milk. Very odd, but she insists on milk too.

Saben's Rockets

Saben still builds rockets all the time from things he finds around the house. Friday he found a plastic firework nose cone on the sidewalk and within 15 minutes of getting home, he had grabbed a toilet paper tube and turned it into a rocket. That part is all nice & fine, the problems arise because he really, really wants to launch his homemade rockets.

We have talked so many times about why you can't just light a homemade rocket on fire and expect it to go into the air. I explained the concept of gun powder and then had to explain why I was not going to buy my almost five year old a supply of it to experiment with. When he found the nose cone outside he kept saying "I think there is just a little gun powder in it mommy!" and he even made his rocket complete with a purple paper fuse to light.

That night, he was anxious to light his rocket, and I had to repeatedly explain that if we lit it on fire, it would just burn and melt. Finally it sank in and he started crying "I just want to build a rocket that flies mommy!" Heartbreaking sobs....So I blurted out "maybe tomorrow we can go buy you a new model rocket". Whoops.

When we got to the store, he didn't want the packaged ones, he wanted the tubes, nose cones, etc, all separate so he could design it himself. Sigh. We talked him into a kit, but when they went to build it, it is just so hard for him to do any of it. Straight lines? Cement glue? Measurements? Everything perfectly aligned? He does much better with packing tape & toilet paper rolls.

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