Monday, December 07, 2009

Tree hunt 2009 - not a disaster!

Yes it is true, we actually had a wonderful, fabulous time hunting for our tree this year. I suppose realistically, it was only last year that everything seemed to go wrong (pouring rain, no camera, forgot cash), but it was still a huge relief that we had such a fun time this year. (sparkling sun, remembered camera, brought cash)

For some reason it was a stellar day for photos, both kids were in such good moods & the lighting was photogenic. I had a hard time narrowing it down to just these fifty pictures. ha ha, just kidding. There's only fifteen.

Annika fell down four times and each time she just lay there until someone helped pick her up. It was hilarious because she wouldn't put her hands down in the mud and was so upset about it.

Wow, a good shot with me & the kids! I told you it was a miraculous day. But just wait for it...

That's right TWO good shots. Amazing.

And then Annika's naptime rolled around. Whenever we skip naps, Annika gets super hyper. She insisted on taking her coat off and proceeded to go adorably nutso.

Watching Daddy cut down the tree. She was entranced.

I love this particular tree farm because it is in such a beautiful setting. I have realized these last few years that I am quite picky about my tree farms. (so odd, because I'm never picky about anything usually...) This one is about 80% perfect and we've gone to it twice now.

My adorable son.

The hug picture outtakes are the best, most of them Annika's face is getting all squished up and Saben has his head facing away from the camera. But we did manage to get one good one... Time for some more crazies.

Loading the tree, and really, we had so much fun. Wonderful.


Vicky said...

the cheek kissing picture is perfect. and i love the crazy dancing annika ones too. and saben is so adorable.

Shauna said...

Wow, you got some amazing pictures!! And that tree farm looks great - I'm jealous. The place we went left a few things to be desired. Oh well, we have a tree and made memories. Maybe next year we'll be up in that area and we can go with you guys on the day after thanksgiving! ;)

Kimberly said...

Incredible! SOOOO many good shots! You can't pay to get that many good pics with kids involved. Way to go photog. I was smiling the entire time. (And kind of wanted to see more!)

amy said...

i concur! great photos, kari! i'm glad you had such a wonderfully successful day!

Kristen said...

gorgeous shots. i, like kim, was smiling throughout this whole post and wanted to see more! LOVE the shot of the kids kissing you, kari! and those portraits of saben... wow, wonderful.

Jenny said...

truly a perfect picture day! now I want to see some photos of the tree in your house!

Kate said...

Love the photos. You and the kids look great!

TheFiveDays said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous pictures! LOVE THEM, and 15 wasn't enough! :)