Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Are you ready for this?

I am pretty sure we could win awards with this photo. It is just too perfect. (be sure to click & enlarge)

Oh the drama. I knew neither kid wanted to sit on Santa's lap this year, Saben kept saying he didn't want to and Annika said "santa yucky" even though she adores his picture in books. But I figured we might as well try anyways so we could have the obligatory picture.

This is what we ended up with. Annika was terrified, quivering in my arms crying and Saben was trying to run away while Kyle held his arm. Both kids were definitely feeding off of eachother's fears. It was embarassing and ridiculous, but they did calm down enough to take this picture where no one is actually holding them down. Candy cane bribery was our savior.

It was only later that I took a close look at the picture and thought to myself "hmm...that Santa does look sort of creepy." And I couldn't put my finger on why....until I later noticed the white furry thing winding down his arm. It's a HIPPY SANTA! No wonder! Only in Bellingham.....


Shauna said...


Sarah Weeldreyer said...

Hahaha!! You guys are hilarious. I agree though, the long hair is a little bit creepy. I always figured Santa for being mostly bald, or at least neatly trimmed. :)

Kristen said...

laughing out loud over here... truly awesome. i now look forward to the young family santa photo every year. your kids, terrified as they are, are so cute, kari! love this!

and i agree, that santa IS creepy. way to go kids, sticking to your guns about not sitting on his lap!!