Friday, August 21, 2009

Our good friends, Kevin & Kelley (Kevin is also Kyle's business partner) recently adopted a girl from Ethiopia. Tonite we babysat her and I finally got a chance to take some pictures of the kids together. She is completely adorable! She LOVES watching the kids and laughs everytime either of them gives her attention.

Annika's favorite part of the evening was putting the bottle in Ayda's mouth...then taking it out...putting it back in. I am not sure Ayda had quite as much fun as Annika did.

I have decided that I love babysitting babies. It is so fun to care for them for a couple hours and then give them back to their parents. Lots of cuddles without the screaming or night waking. Perfect.


Kristen said...

adorable photos. ayda is a gorgeous baby, and you captured her joy so well, kari. not to mention your own two beautiful children! :)

Andrea Elliott said...

What great pictures!

Jenny said...

such great pictures of Ayda...she is such a cutie and so photogenic!

you can come down and watch Wes anytime ;)