Sunday, August 30, 2009


We arrived at 5:50pm on a Friday waited just over an hour for dinner at Delancey on Friday. I kept wondering if we should split & go somewhere else, but my wonderful cousin insisted we wait because she knew I had been very excited to eat there.

We got a chair at the bar where I struggled to watch each and every pizza being made so I could memorize exactly what they were doing. Nevermind that I don't have a giant wood burning oven...

We had the cimini pizza and it was so delicious that my eyes almost filled with tears - then again, I was starving & sort of tired - but it really was that good. I kept thinking about how something so simple could be one of the best tastes in the world. Better than aged steak, fresh crab, perfect tomatoes, oozy chocolate cake - in my mind a perfect pizza tops them all.

Perfectly charred salty chewy crust, cheese oozing with olive oil, bursts of fresh thyme & the light texture of thin sliced mushrooms. I think that's all that was on there, and it was mind blowing. The Padron chili pizza was also spectacular, but for some reason the mushroom one was my favorite. I am glad they had a pepperoni one for my picky-ish cousin's daughter, but it still seemed almost criminal to order it, the others were so much better.

Then the wine soaked peaches for dessert...mmmm......I already found my own bottle of wine so I can try making it myself.

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Jenny said...

i just drove by today...packed, of course. we can't wait to try it soon! thanks for the teaser...