Wednesday, June 17, 2009

crazy neighbors

So last night, kyle is out cutting wood in our garage at 10:30 pm when he hears this banging outside. On the garage. He goes out into the alley and there are drunk kids there and a bunch of them are ON THE ROOF of our garage. It used to be a carport, so the roof is flat.

Seriously? Who gets drunk and then thinks it would be fun to climb onto the roof of someone else's garage? And why? Kyle was so mad at them.

Then another guy comes a minute or so later and tries to go into our garage to look for his friends. Kyle tells him to leave and then he tries to go in our gate to see if they are in our back yard. So I guess the next house project is sticking some barbed wire on top of our garage. Sheesh.


~beautyandjoy~ said...


Men, on our street our neighbours would have called the cops about 40times by then. You guys are gracious! :)

Sarah Weeldreyer said...

Dude, I think maybe it's time for a big dog in your life. :) One that is loud and huge, but super sweet, like Carl from the books.

Shauna said...

Why would they even think to go on the garage roof? That's so weird!!