Friday, August 01, 2008

Kari for Governor

Governor (Partisan Office)
Candidate: Kari Young (independent mish mash)

Candidate Statement:

I am on a mission to assert Washington State leadership for other States joining for positive changes.

I believe the number one issue in the 2008 Governor election should be the illegal and unethical election practices used by former Washington State Attorney General/current Washington State Governor Christine “The Cover-Up Queen” Gregoire.

Fact: McKay, Even and Reed cancelled the entire 2004 Washington State Primary Voters’ Pamphlet just to censor Kari Young.

Our governor must convene a Climate Emergency session of the legislature now to enact emergency World War II-type laws:
• Divert Boeing to manufacture of solar and wind power equipment
• Outlaw Single Occupancy Vehicles
• Protect Washington trees as ‘common good,’ critically aiding our climate.

Because I feel Washington State should be leading the Nation in promoting a Spiritual Civilization based on holistic medicine, alternative energy, affordable housing, relevant education, a dynamic economy, bio-diversity, world development and meaningful access to justice, I respectfully propose my “FUNDAMENTAL FREEDOMS” PLAN OF ACTION.

FREEDOM FROM HUNGER, DESERTS AND WORLD MISERY: Thanks to ethical trade, the doubling of exports, tree planting, vineyards, organic agriculture, health restaurants and the distribution of “superfoods” (including but not limited to amazing dopamine-producing raw vegan chocolate mousses), we would find solutions to world hunger and deserts would flower.

Does anyone else look forward to reading the voters pamphlet each year because it makes them laugh out loud and roll on the ground with glee? (updated: I compiled my statement from the most outrageous sections of our governor candidate's statements. I couldn't make this stuff up.)

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Andrea Elliott said...

I found that post highly entertaining! I would look forward to listening to more "political antics" by Kari...