Sunday, December 16, 2007


Annika got dedicated today in church. We had lots of family there and she wore this cute little handkerchief bonnet that Sandy made that she can use someday in her wedding for "something old". I have it all on video tape, so I won't describe the whole thing in detail. But it was beautiful even though I was a nervous wreck that Annika was going to lose it since she was getting hungry. My Dad said it was "one of the nicest dedications he's ever been too" but he might have been a bit prejuidiced.

Saben spent the whole time up front trying to figure out if he could get away with blowing out the candles in the front of the church. He had so much fun that on the way back to our pew he started skipping, almost fell and then broke out into a little dance right there in the isle. I think he might just do ok in Shauna's wedding in a few months.

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Shauna said...

Oh this is great news about Saben! I'm so sorry we missed the dedication, we'll have to see the video!