Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Saben & Annika w/ Great Grandma

So last Wednesday, three weeks from Annika's birth, I packed up my two kids and we headed to Colorado with my family while Kyle took a business trip to Salt Lake City. My Dad's entire family (5 siblings and their families - 16 people) got together for the first time in a long while to celebrate my grandmother's birthday.

Originally, back in November, the trip was planned the weekend of Annika's due date. I made up some crazy story as to why I couldn't go and then called my parents and lied my head off so that we could wait till Christmas to tell them we were pregnant. As soon as I hung up I felt so awful, so I called back & let them know what was really going on. They managed to get the trip postponed 3 weeks so they would get to go and not miss Annika's birth.

I decided to go with Annika about a week before the trip when I found out Kyle would be gone that weekend. Saben was already going with my parents so the choice was a quiet weekend at home w/ just two of us or getting to go see family that I hadn't seen in years. Feeling adventurous, I chose the latter.
I can't say I would recommend travelling with a 3 week old unless it is very very important. We did have fun & I don't regret getting to see everybody, but there were some things (like lots of stairs at the condos, people/things to do far apart from each other, 2 hour drive from the airport to Breckenridge, heavy diaper bags, high altitude, moving in a large group, having to nurse so many hours out of the day) that made the trip pretty exhausting.

Luckily the family was extremely helpful - My parents, brother & sister-in-law completely took care of/spoiled Saben. Betsy & my mom seemed to read my mind most of the time and were always there to carry something for me, throw out a diaper or hold Annika when I needed it most. And of course all my Aunts & Uncles helped hold Annika which was a huge relief because she is going through a "Must be held at all times" stage.

Amazingly, the plane ride & car rides went off pretty smoothly. No puke and Annika slept through the majority of it. I might have more pics later, I stopped taking them after the first night because I had my hands full and the family was already taking plenty.


BBQ competition - lots of really yummy food

Getting to see my uncle Rich & cousin Jenny for the first time in over 10 years

Stopping to see old steam trains with Saben on the way home

Saben learning everyone's names & finally warming up to them - on the last night.

Shopping, pizza & Saben in the bouncy castle in Breckenridge
Saben getting to see his first lightening
Breakfast at a restaurant w/ both kids at another table

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Jenny said...

ooh, I'm loving Saben's new haircut- what a cutie.

AND I'm loving the backblog. Thanks, I've been missing reading your entries.