Wednesday, June 01, 2011


Ok, I know its been forever and I have completely slacked off on my blog. We even passed my five year blogging anniversary without note. I have just been feeling so busy and completely fulfilled with not writing the blog. Its only those adorable amazing moments in my kids life that I worry about not jotting down. Maybe that post will come tomorrow night.....

But for today, I put some new recipes that I have been LOVING lately over on my blog - Rice Bowls. These have been revolutionary for me & the way we use leftovers in our family. I love them once a week for dinner and often have them for lunch now. And I have never been happier eating my raw veggies. Check it out!

p.s. All credit for the "rice bowls" idea goes to my friend Adriana. I have no idea why it never occurred to me to make something like these before, but I am so grateful she taught me such a simple idea.


Misha Leigh. said...

rice bowls forever! : )

Adriana said...

Awe, Schucks!