Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Girl

My girl rides like the wind....

Annika's first bike riding, 3 years 8 months

And I am so proud of her!
And terrified. I took these last week when she was still puttering along. The last few nights we've gone out and she is bound and determined to keep up with her brother. Last night she rode off a curb into the street when she tried to stop. No cars coming thankfully, but did I mention she didn't even crash as she jumped off the curb and completely landed it?

When Saben learned, he was in complete control, all the time. We have to encourage and push him to try new daring things. Annika just sort of goes for it. We did have to go around the block quite a few times holding her shoulders, but once she figured out she could do it herself, she screams "I can do it myself!!!" whenever we try to help her. She doesn't stop very well and spends about 50% of the time looking like a crash is immanent. But she doesn't crash and actually has phenomenal balance. And goes way to fast, trying to keep up with Saben & Daddy when they ride together.


Sandy Young said...

GIRL POWER!! Way to go, Annika!! She does indeed look in control. No fear, no wobbles. And not even 4 years old??? AMAZING!!

Misha Leigh. said...

WOO HOO - that is such a big deal!!!

Andi Mae said...

Go Annika! That is so awesome! Audrey still has training wheels on, so I am super impressed! :)

Vale said...

I think your commentary is so funny and SO Annika. I remember this last fall (or summer?) when Abe and I were hanging with the kids. We went for a victory lap around the block after dinner- Annika in her Hot Wheels- and she kept running into the bushes or into the grass off the sidewalk but whenever we tried to help her she would yell "I can do it by myself." Crazy girl. She's getting so big.