Tuesday, January 25, 2011


After a year of indecision, Kyle and I finally bought a new 4runner to be "my car" and replace our old suburban. Kyle went ahead and arranged it all so I could get the car for Christmas - unfortunately when he was "sneaking" it home on Christmas eve, I left the house later than I expected and managed to pass him on the road driving it. So much for the surprise!

I love my new car, but this morning a bunch of weird warning lights came on. Angry, I took it to the dealership and demanded they take a look. The technician nodded knowingly and I thought "oh great, its a known issue with 4runners! And there are only 800 miles on it, are you kidding me!!???"

She popped the hood and peered inside...then screamed. "It's a RAT!" Apparently she knew it was most likely rat damage making the wires go crazy, and sure enough, he was still riding around inside. They backed the car out of the garage and he jumped down, ran back into the garage and scampered around while we women squealed.

Seriously, why don't guys squeal?? I'm not even scared of rats, but something about the scampering made me do some hard core squealing.

I think the rat climbed up inside someone elses car, but it sort of just disappeared so who knows. What I want to know is - do rats just like new cars? Because we've never had this problem before and I happen to know a rat was living in our garage a couple winters ago.....

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Misha Leigh. said...

Two years ago we had a rat in our garage - during a really heavy freeze. It not only nested in (and destroyed) a precious box of really important memory things (things from when I was a baby etc) but also made himself at home in our car and chewed on cables. He was evil. Our car was definitely not new.