Wednesday, July 07, 2010

First, your five year old gets some star wars lego kits. Then his friend has a toy light saber. Reluctantly you check out a star wars book at the library because you know he'll love it. (but apparently his preschool class has had star wars books in the classroom all year long, unbeknownst to you)

Finally, you let him watch a pod race clip on you tube and he is ecstatic. Next thing you know, he knows exactly which of his friends have seen which star war movies and he brings it up at least once a day, just to make sure you know that one of his friends got to watch "the one with the snow" and another watched the very first movie.

So Kyle and I watched the last three "classic" movies together and agreed he is far far away from being able to watch those ones. Now we have to force ourselves to watch the first one because we've heard from another parent that it isn't so violent. But seeing as how we hated it the first time, we're in no rush.

Marketing to kids is a powerful force....

Just came home from Haggens, where Annika & Saben threw a monster fit over which toothpaste to buy - Dora or Spongebob square pants. I refuse to buy two tubes of toothpaste and mess around with them both each night. Annika screamed at the top of her lungs 3 times for over 5 seconds each time, completely traumatized by the thought of leaving dora on the shelf. We finally left with Bakagulanku something or other...the one no one wanted or recognized. Yet.

We had a wonderful fourth of July weekend, the kids are in swimming lessons every day in the warm 70-80 degree sun and Annika had a couple dance lessons last week. With any luck I will get pictures & blog posts on all those things soon, but we are happy, busy and celebrating the sun right now.

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Jen said...

so cute!!!! We are trying to decide between dance and gymnastics again in the fall. Gymnastics is so much fun, but dance...the tutus are adorable.