Sunday, September 06, 2009

he's getting hilarious...

Saben: Mommy, I know something that no one else knows about.
Mommy: What is that Saben?
S: I can't tell you
M: Please?
S: Well, I think that when you die, there will be cowboys.
M: Really? You mean in heaven?
S: No, not in heaven. When we come back to Earth. There will be cowboys here.
M: Why do you think that?
S: Well there used to be cowboys and now there aren't any, so they will be here when we come back I think.

Next day...
S: Mommy, I know how to keep monster trucks from driving on top of our car and smashing it.
M: Oh? How do you do that?
S: Just don't get in any accidents. Monster trucks only drive on top of cars that were in accidents.

Obviously someone was explaining (I think it was me actually, but a long time ago) that monster trucks only drive on top of cars that are junked up - ie. in accidents. I love the visual of getting in an accident and suddenly a monster truck appears to drive on top of your car. Run!!! heh heh.

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