Friday, May 18, 2007


Just 9 more weeks to go and I am definitely starting to feel the 3rd trimester tiredness. I was ridiculously energetic during the 2nd trimester and often over exerted myself doing things like spreading compost & planting shrubs in the yard. By evening I'd be a puddle of pudding. But I'm starting to wind down now and feel like napping rather than weeding most afternoons. Unfortunately I still have about 2 yards of compost to spread, I want to install a drip irrigation system AND Kyle broke his hand a couple weeks ago so he's no good to me anymore. : )

The good news with this pregnancy is that I have had hardly any signs of pre-eclampsia. I don't quite remember when they hit with Saben, but it seems to me that I started having some warning signs at least a few months in advance. I am finally getting hopeful that I won't have the problems I had last time but the doctor did still send a blood pressure cuff home with me so that I can keep an eye on things as the due date nears. (last time my blood pressure sky rocketed from normal to dangerous levels in about 4 days and complications kept us in the hospital for 5 days after Saben was born)

The scary part about all this for me is that now I actually have to make a real decision about whether or not to have another c-section or to try for a VBAC. Part of me almost hoped that I would have pre-eclampsia again because it would make the decision a lot easier - cesarian for sure. Now I just don't know, it is all so confusing and there are pros & cons either way. Even though a c-section sometimes sounds nice because its all planned out & predictable, I HATE getting cut open while concious. I actually asked the doctor if they could put me under when I found out I had to have one with Saben because mentally it was my worst nightmare. I can't even watch other people chop things with knives or shave with razor blades and I used to pass out when I had shots. But labor is no picnic either and Saben was big - 9lbs 4oz - and that was being born a week early. AND the doctor keeps telling me your 2nd child is usually bigger.

Right now I think I may just keep the c-section scheduled a few days before my due date but go ahead with a VBAC if I go into spontaneous labor before that.

I think I've been so obsessed with putting in the new garden in our backyard that the time has just flown by. And everytime I get a cute little girl outfit I still feel shocked that its really happening. My official prediction is that she's going to arrive with dark hair - like the women on Kyle's side of the family. I'm not sure why I think that, maybe just trying to not get my hopes up for a redhead. My redhaired uncle had 3 non-redheads and neither of my parents have red hair, so its a weird thing.

The other day I was carrying saben on my shoulders (at a plant nursery of course) and realized that between my pregnancy weight and him, my legs had an added 60 pounds to support. Crazy, but I guess women do that sort of thing all the time.

And lastly, for the record, we still have no idea what we are going to name her. Ok, well maybe a few ideas, but nothing's decided. Its been so much harder this time, for some reason we just knew & agreed on Saben before he was even conceived, but we never really had a girl name we both loved. We like a few of them, but none have just seemed to be perfect. Maybe that's just the way it goes in real life.


Anonymous said...

"Right now I think I may just keep the c-section scheduled a few days before my due date but go ahead with a VBAC if I go into spontaneous labor before that."

That sounds really smart and low-stress.... Just in case you wanted some encouragement. :)


PS Now I get the tunnel and the peepee comment! :)

Anonymous said...

Girl names are hard....I think that Sean and I have decided on 2 girl names and 2 boy names...of course the boy names were easy to pick. The girl names we just settled on. Here are our names:
Kaitlin Marie and Genevieve Marie....the last is kinda like naming her after myself (Jennifer Marie). If it turns out to be a boy we are going with Holden James or Cameron Michael, but we are more partial to Holden. Good luck with the naming scheme.

Jenny said...

I don't have any good girl names to share...because the only ones I can think of are the ones I want to use in the rare event that a gough could have a girl.

Good luck!

BTW, I LOVED both of these last posts.

Saben just sounds so adorable, kids are fun. And I vote VBAC, if we're voting.

Also, I read your comment about the rhubarb pie...funny! Didn't you think that saute-ing it in sugar seemed weird? Maybe I'm the only one.